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Custom software development
Fast. Reliable. With soul.
About company
Ellipsis Lab - a Belarusian company specializing in custom software development for local and foreign customers. Realizing the importance of expertise in professional development and the value of your time, we take an individual approach to each project.
Our expertise
We are ready to become your expert in several technological domains at once
Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
Big Data
Internet of things
Messengers & Chatbots
Why Us?
We are young and ambitious. But they are already experienced enough to share their knowledge and values with you.
HTP Resident
We are a resident of the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park
Individual approach
Each company we work with has its own concept and its own voice. We develop unique products.
Continuous growth
Our experienced professionals will help your business grow by introducing new technologies.
Completed projects
We have already implemented several large-scale projects, which are proud not only of our partners, but also of ourselves. In addition, we develop our own software products. Our solutions are actively implemented in the markets of the European Union and Israel.
Own products: Checklist
Checklist is a universal form builder that can be used for conducting various types of surveys, processing information, ensuring the unification and transparency of procedures, and improving the efficiency of business processes at the micro and macro levels.
Checklist can be adapted and applied in various areas that require the unification of processes, ensuring the receipt of structured information as a result of processing requests from product users. The Checklist can be used in a variety of areas: this can be sociology or statistics, it can be a formalized bureaucratic procedure in the company, where each department is required to fill in data to perform a certain procedure (formalization of the process of hiring/firing an employee, logistics of cargo movement, the procedure for purchasing equipment, etc.).
The potential sales markets of the Checklist's own product are not limited to a specific area of possible use, due to the versatility of the scope of its possible application. The product can potentially be used in various industries and areas of the information technology market.
Our values and goals:
Improving the competitiveness of local organizations providing high-tech services
Promotion of Belarusian software products on the world market
Contributing to the development of the social sphere
Legal address: 33 Kalvariyskaya str., com., 220073, Minsk. 4G
Ellipsis Lab LLC, UNP 193488430
HTP Resident